Developing an Artificial Intelligence Governance Framework

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a part of everyday life. Daily schedules are organized using voice assistants. Streaming services offer recommendations for movies to watch.

The Lifestyle of a Data Privacy Expert

As someone with a background in governance, risk, compliance, information, and cybersecurity, it is very important to keep up to date on the key trends in data privacy regulations...

Data Privacy in the age of Digital Transformation

While digital transformation is creating major opportunities for organizations, it is also introducing a new dimension to the traditional view of risk.

The Business Risk Posed by Artificial Intelligence

Limited availability of the right quality and quantity of data, insufficient understanding of AI’s inherent risk, enterprise culture...

Cyber Sentinels March 2022

Read more about 'The Onerous Way From Cyber Security to Data Privacy' a critical insight by 'Hafiz Sheikh Adnan A.' in the first edition of Cyber Sentinels for the year 2022.

Mr. Hafiz is featured among the 10 Most Innovative CIOs to follow in 2022

Read more about Hafiz and his journey towards AZAAN in the latest edition of Analytics Insight.

A Look Ahead at New Data Privacy Regulations: How Do They Compare to ISO/IEC 27701?

It is worth noting that both ISO/IEC 27701 and GDPR have many overlapping goals. GDPR identifies requirements and ISO/IEC 27701 ...

Challenges of AI and Data Privacy—And How to Solve them

Artificial intelligence (AI) has developed rapidly in recent years. AI has the potential to revolutionize society, however, there is real risk that the use of new tools by states ...

QR Code Security Challenges

Quick Response (QR) codes are rising in popularity. According to a survey conducted by MobileIron, more than 66% of respondents stated that a QR code makes life easier in a touchless world–despite most people ...

Developing an Enterprise Innovation Practice

Organizations must become more agile, make decisions faster, use new management styles, evaluate performance, create new hierarchical structures, and implement best practices...

Building Cloud Governance from the Basics

Enterprises often embark on cloud initiatives without being properly prepared for the complexities they will encounter. The success rate of cloud projects is significantly ...

Privacy in Practice 2021: Data Privacy Trends, Forecasts and Challenges

ISACA recently conducted a privacy survey, asking respondents about their enterprise privacy hiring and workforce trends, challenges

Auditing Guidelines for Artificial Intelligence

Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous shift toward emerging technologies such as blockchain, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). Significant opportunities...

Six Privacy Considerations for Auditors

As compliance requirements continue to evolve, it is critical for auditors to stay abreast of the most current regulations. Efforts to implement proper privacy measures should not necessaril

#IamISACA: Striving for Excellence

The Rising Security Risk and Mitigation Options for IoT Devices

In our world today, there are more smart devices than there are people. Many people could not make it through a modern workday without using a connected device...

Best Practices for Privacy Audits

The first question many ask, “What is the difference between privacy and security? Is there a different way of assessing privacy and security?” Even today, many people with technology and auditing backgrounds confuse..

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