Business Continuity Management

Program Duration:12 to 36 months
Instruction Method:Distance and In-Class Learning
Availability:National and International Students
Language Medium:English
Prerequisites:Bachelor’s degree from an appropriately accredited institution and at least two years of relevant professional experience; or at least eight years of relevant professional experience. Find out more at  Admission Requirements

Program Description

The PECB University Executive MBA in Business Continuity Management is designed for candidates that want to develop a comprehensive understanding of how to manage business disruptions, emergencies or threats in an organization. Through the program, candidates gain the necessary competence on how to react in emergency situations, and how to manage them successfully so that the operations and business continuity of the organization are not distorted. The courses in this program prepare candidates in the areas of disaster recovery, business response, risk analysis, information management and other.  

Apart from the theoretical aspect, the program also provides a practical explanation and understanding of business continuity management. Interconnection of theoretical and practical knowledge in ‘Specialization’ and ‘Elective’ courses makes graduates capable to apply their expertise when treating serious situations in an organization. On the other hand, ‘Business Management’ and ‘Strategic Alignment’ courses are carefully developed and designed to offer a dynamic approach and practical insights on how to lead teams and organizations, blending eLearning study methods, group discussions, solving case studies and simulations from Harvard Business Publishing Education, and capitalizing this knowledge in the Capstone Project.

Candidates develop their strategic thinking through relevant courses offered within the program, and become specialists able to respond to emergency situations, mitigate or prevent threats, and recover from them. This Executive MBA is suitable for candidates seeking managerial and executive roles in business continuity management, in either public or private sector.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to estimate exposure to vulnerability, develop response actions and prospective reaction plans, business continuity plans, and disaster recovery frameworks.
  • Prepare yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills to secure a leading role in business continuity management, with a general understanding of security and risk management as well.
  • Gain extensive understanding of various business continuity aspects, and of reaction practices for treatment of serious situations.
  • Learn how to propose plans and implement strategies for response to and recovery from emergency situations.
  • Acquire the necessary skills to prevent potential risks that might emerge from serious situations, and be able to assign resources and appropriate response strategies for mitigating the effects of those situations.
  • Develop fundamental understanding of emergency management processes and procedures.

Executive MBA in Business Continuity Management 

Course Requirements (48 credits)


3     Leadership and Organizational Behavior
3     Business Operations, Analytics, and Decisions
6     Capstone Project 1 (2nd semester)


3     Business Continuity MS Implementation
3     Business Continuity MS Audit
3     Risk Management
3     Crisis Management

ELECTIVES (select 4 courses for 12 credits)

3     Incident Management
3     Information Security Risk Management
3     Compliance MS Implementation
3     Compliance MS Audit
3     IT Service MS Implementation
3     IT Service MS Audit
3     Records MS Implementation
3     Records MS Audit
3     Business Process Improvement
3     Supply Chain MS Implementation
3     Supply Chain MS Audit
3     Social Responsibility MS Implementation
3     Social Responsibility MS Audit
3     Outsourcing
3     Anti-bribery MS Implementation
3     Anti-bribery MS Audit
3     Asset MS Implementation
3     Asset MS Audit
3     Quality MS Implementation
3     Quality MS Audit
3     Management Systems Auditor
3     Environmental MS Implementation
3     Environmental MS Audit
3     Occupational Health and Safety MS Implementation
3     Occupational Health and Safety MS Audit


3     Strategic Management    
3     Corporate Governance, Ethics, and Law    
6     Capstone Project 2 (4th semester)

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