Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Program Duration:6 to 24 months
Instruction Method:Distance and In-Class Learning
Availability:National and International Students
Language Medium:English
Prerequisites:Bachelor’s degree from an appropriately accredited institution and at least two years of relevant professional experience; or at least eight years of relevant professional experience. Find out more at Admission Requirements


Program Description

The PECB University Graduate Certificate in Risk Management is designed to prepare the candidates with the required set of skills for creating and implementing the best possible responses towards a wide range of risks, irrespective of their level of criticality. The program delivers a proper interpretation of risk management frameworks and compliance criteria for practical application in the workplace.

This program enhances the academic and technical education of candidates through numerous courses in management and other associated topics for effective development, implementation, and management of risk systems. Candidates become risk management experts equipped to manage the growing complexities associated with planning, monitoring and responding to risks.

Graduates who receive this certificate possess expertise in strategic planning, decision making, risk responses, and business continuity. The program is suitable for candidates who intend to achieve managerial or leadership roles in the risk management field.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop appropriate plans for risk management, business continuity, and disaster recovery.
  • Gain skills in quantitative and qualitative data analysis to estimate the organization’s exposure to risks.
  • Understand the possible consequences of risks and how they may impact and hinder the effective operations of the organization.
  • Develop an appropriate business continuity plan to address the consequences and impacts of risks.  
  • Prepare yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills to secure a leading role in risk management.

Graduate Certificate in Governance, Risk, and Compliance – Course Requirements (12 credits)

3     Risk Management
3     Incident Management
3     IT Corporate Governance Management
3     Business Continuity MS Implementation

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